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G-Frog is a consulting firm dedicated to providing training and advisory services to Law Enforcement, Government and Private Industry. Core company strengths include niche functional knowledge acquired by our associates, men and women who spent years at the forefront of the war on terror.

Investigative Interviewing

G-Frog Consulting associates include former representatives of the U.S. Government’s High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), a highly specialized, three-agency entity comprised of the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Department of Defense (DoD). The HIG is comprised of interrogators that have been hand-selected for their unique experience and expertise in the fields of interviewing and interrogation.

Security and Risk Management

The threat of International Terrorism, Homegrown Violent Extremism and Insider Threat has become a focus of most Law Enforcement and Security organizations. In addition, private entities such as corporations, public stadiums, entertainment and religious organizations have found it necessary to increase their threat awareness.

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HIG Director Mike Pompeo & Effective Interogation

In answers to written questions preceding his confirmation hearing, now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo caused concern by indicating a willingness to revisit rules governing military and intelligence interrogations. Specifically, he said he would...

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“G-Frog Consulting Associates are some of the most knowledgeable and gifted instructors that I have encountered. Their grasp of the subject matter and ability to relate that to their students is outstanding. I have been in law enforcement for 37 years and have attended many courses. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed their courses the most. All their presentations are well executed and organized. Material is presented in a very informative and entertaining manner. I highly recommend G-frog!”

Gary I. Kusunoki – Chief Executive Officer
Anchored International Relief


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“What percentage of your thought processes are Type 1, automatic and unconscious?”


Source: Michael S. Gazzaniga

” The odds of death by foreign born terrorists?”


Source: National Safety Council

“What percentage of ISIS terror plots targeted the United States, its citizens, or its presence overseas?”


Source: Homeland Security Committee